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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this even family friendly?

Yes, everyone can come out including the kids.  Our vendors mostly sale automotive parst, but we have car shows, food and much more.

Can I be a vendor if I don't sale automotive parts?

Yes, we welcome everyone to sale their products and services.  You can setup a booth to promote your business, your organization, and much more.  You can even sale food.  As long as you pay and have the required licenses and permits, you can setup.

Are there awards for the car show?

No, there are no rewards are trophy’s for the car show.  It is really something for those who love their car and want to show off their cars with others who love cars.  We are car lovers and we love showing off our cars, some of which we rebuilt from the ground up.

Is there an extra fee to participate in the car show?

No, not at all.  If you pay for your regular admission ticket and want to show off your car, you are more than welcome.  Just make sure you let us know in advance that you will be participating so we can insure that we have space for you.

How much is it to be a vendor?

Car Corral – $50 • 20’ x 20’ spots – $40

Camping Sites Available at spots w/Electricity for $15 extra